You May Have Serious Gum Disease and Not Show a Single Symptom.

Periodontal disease is the Silent Killer of the dental world. Often painless, gum disease has been linked to health problems such as diabetes, strokes and heart attacks.

If you’ve noticed loose teeth, bleeding gums, or were told by your dentist or hygienist to monitor your gums, you need to learn more now.


Gum Disease Assessment

Do your gums bleed when you brush? Do your teeth feel loose?

Click this instant risk assessment to see if you may be at risk for gum disease. This quick and informative quiz from the American Academy of Periodontology is like an interview with a dentist…

Bleeding Gums

Do you have bleeding and sensitive gums and are asking yourself

What exactly do bleeding gums mean? Should I be worried?” We understand your concerns. Your first step is to educate yourself. Bleeding from the gums can be caused by different things…

Loose Teeth

Having loose teeth as an adult can be a symptom of greater problems.

Gum disease can sneak up on you before you realize and wreak havoc on your mouth. Detecting and preventing gum disease is your first line of defense against tooth loss…

Whether Your Gum Disease is Stopped, Slowed Down, or Gets Worse – Depends on You

Whether you think you may have a mild form of gum disease such as gingivitis or a severe case of periodontitis (“inflammation around the tooth”), you’re in the right place. This website, and our periodontist offices in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles, are here to educate you on gum disease and how you can take the right steps to reverse the damage and get your mouth healthy again. We’ve designed our website, and indeed our entire practice, to help you take the right action with your gum problems. We believe that you need to take immediate action to learn about your condition and start using the right treatment plan. We are here for you. Call us with any questions.

Some Reasons People Avoid Taking Care of their Gum Disease – Which Group Are You In?

Lack of Knowledge:

Many people are affected by gum disease (it’s estimated that more than 3 of every 4 adults over the age of 35 have some form of gum disease) – yet many people don’t even know that they have it! If you have even the smallest hint that something is wrong with your gums, please – take the assessment risk test (see the link above) and begin your first steps towards treatment.


Another common reason we hear of people avoiding treatment is FEAR. Fear of dentists – Fear of pain – Fear of the unknown. This can be alleviated by education. Browse through this site and you’ll learn that effective treatment of gum disease is straight-forward and can be pain free. With the use of the Biolase laser in our San Luis Obispo office, procedures are less invasive and tend to be less uncomfortable.


Many people are concerned about the cost. Our office has flexible payment options to ensure that any portion not covered by dental insurance is affordable. Ask yourself what the real cost would be if you do nothing. Conditions that can be reversed now will progressively become more difficult to treat. We will treat you as conservatively as possible and keep your costs low, but our mutual goal is to help you save as many teeth as possible during your lifetime.