When Periodontal Disease has advanced to the point where you can see the root of your tooth it means it has dissolved the bone underneath the tooth.

This is a serious problem that can allow the disease to continue unchecked and eventually may lead to the loss of one or more of your teeth.

If a gum graft is something your Periodontist thinks will help control your disease, it is a good idea to consider this treatment. Take a look at this video where we give you more information on gum grafts.

Even though a gum graft is a serious procedure but by undergoing this procedure you will protect the exposed roots of your tooth and thereby protect it from harmful bacteria and keep that bacteria from causing even more bone loss. So while a gum graft is a serious procedure it is needed to prevent even more serious problems from occurring and, most importantly, to prevent the possible loss of your teeth.

We hope this video has helped you understand more about gum grafts and how they are used to treat Periodontal Disease.

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