Is Laser Surgery Right for You?

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Your Periodontist is continually updated on the latest technology. After a thorough examination of your gums your Periodontist will be able to advise you on the most appropriate treatments.

If laser surgery is available your Periodontist may want to consider it for many reasons.

Watch this video where we explore the benefits of laser surgery.

Laser surgery is usually far less traumatic than other surgery because there is less bleeding. It’s also quieter and because it cauterizes blood vessels as it moves over the gum area your Periodontist may indicate laser surgery for you if you are on prescription blood thinners.

In fact, there are many prescriptions and conditions that may indicate laser surgery is the best option for you. Talk with your Periodontist about all of your concerns and questions. They will want to make any treatment or surgery as comfortable, safe and effective as possible.

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